Product Reviews FAQs

I can't see some of my products inside the Product Reviews app's settings. Where can I find them?

When the Product Reviews app is opened from the Vitals dashboard, it will show you some of the Popular actions.

You can click the See Reviews button to see all the products that has reviews. Alternatively, the Reviews tab at the top will also bring you to the same page:

Please note that only products that already have reviews will be seen in the list. If you are looking for the products that do not have reviews yet, they will be seen automatically when you try to import reviews from AliExpress or Write A Review:

Once you have successfully added reviews to the product, it will properly appear on the main product list with reviews.

πŸ’‘ Make sure that the product is published on your store for it to appear. If you are still not seeing the product in the list, likely, the product is still in Draft and, therefore, not yet publicly published. Shopify only sends us product data of published products.

Why do reviews added by users do not appear on the product page?

We make sure you don’t get your conversion rate crushed with bad reviews by offering you a chance to moderate them first.

The reviews will only be displayed after you accept them in the Moderation section.

Of course, reviews you add yourself from the back-end are published automatically.

You can also allow reviews to be auto-published if you don't find the time or you're not in the mood to filter them.

When a visitor writes a review for your store, we're making it visible instantly for that visitor, even if it's subject to moderation. Even if you decide to delete it, the visitor will continue to see it, believing it's visible for everyone πŸ™‚So, if you left yourself a review and deleted it from moderation, it will continue to show up, but only for you. If you check in an incognito window, you'll see it's not visible for regular users anymore. If you clear your browser cookies, it will also not show up.

Why changes to reviews don't take effect instantly?

Every time a setting is changed in Vitals, we generate a new version of our script, and we clear the cache for the store. However, when updating reviews, like modifying the content or the name or hiding/showing them, there are multiple operations every minute that would trigger in their turn a relatively high number of clear cache operations.

For this reason, when you do an operation in Vitals related to reviews, we're putting it in a queue and only clear the cache 5 minutes after the last operation of this type. The only thing you need to do is wait 5 minutes, and the modifications will show.

How can I translate the "choose file" button?

Unfortunately, you can't translate or customize the button since it's a native browser element and depends on the language you've chosen when you've initially configured your browser. For someone whose browser is in French, the text will appear in French. If the browser's language is German, the text will be in German. Also, see here and here.

It's even rendered differently on different browsers (see below on Chrome and Firefox).



Why are reviews getting published even if they shouldn't?

If you've just posted a test review on your own store, you'll see that the review is instantly published, even if you've chosen not to publish the review automatically and moderate them.

The reason is that we allow the review to be visible on your browser alone and do not show it to anyone else until you moderate it. This way, your angry visitors will be happy seeing their review posted rather than getting even angrier they are ignored and perhaps taking their message to social media.

We've actually learned this from Facebook, if a user comments on your post and you hide their post, they'll still see it, but nobody else will. This strategy is called "shadow banning."

How to upload your logo for the Request Reviews email template?

You can upload your store's Logo for the Request Reviews email template by following the steps below:

  1. Upload your Logo to Shopify files.
  2. Once the image is uploaded, copy the URL.
  3. Paste the URL in the Logo URL field from the Template Customization section.

You can also choose to position your logo at either the top (header) or the bottom (footer) of the email.

Please keep in mind that you can always check how the Request Reviews email looks by sending yourself a preview of the email.

What timezone is the Request Reviews app's email sent count based in?

The Request Reviews app timezone is GMT.

Why did the reviews disappear after the product was unpublished?

The reviews you have imported or added for your products in the Product Reviews app will only be visible in the list as long as the product is published.

If you are unpublishing a product from Shopify (say you're making changes, duplicating it, etc.), the reviews will not show anymore in the app.

Please keep in mind that the Product Reviews app will save your reviews for unpublished products, and therefore if you publish the product again, the reviews will be visible again.

If you are testing out products or making changes and find yourself needing to unpublish them, please save a backup copy of your reviews by exporting your reviews. With the backup reviews saved in a CSV file, you will be able to re-import your reviews to a new product by manually adjusting the product_handle inside of the CSV to match your new product and import your reviews to it. Click here to know more about importing product reviews manually via CSV.

Is there a limit to how many reviews I can import?

No, there is no limit to the number of reviews you can import! But, for obvious performance reasons, we have to max out the number of reviews that are displayed on your store to only up to 300.

I want to have my reviews displayed in a slider/carousel. How can I do it?

While we don't have this feature yet, we are now in its final testing phases, and it should be released very, very soon! 😊

Watch out for any notifications on your Vitals dashboard about this.

Does your Product Reviews app support video reviews?

Our app does not accept reviews with videos yet, but we're looking into it! 😊

I want to translate the reviews that my reviewers wrote into a different language.

Our app currently cannot translate review content at the moment. When a review is submitted, it will be received and shown by the app as how it was written. We're looking into the possibility of translating the review content in the near future.

My product pages have their own Recommended Products at the bottom of the page. Can it show the review snippets of the products there as well?

Our Review snippets under products only work on the homepage and collection pages. If your theme provides its own "Recommended Products"/"You may also like" section on your product pages, the Product Reviews app's review snippets will not appear there as we don't have access to them.

We recommend using our Related Products app as an alternative, as it can immediately display the review snippets under the product titles.

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