Questions about Translations of our Vitals apps

Do you have a list of supported languages that your Vitals apps can translate into?

Below are the supported languages:

Language Language Code
English en
Spanish es
French fr
German de
Italian it
Swedish sv
Dutch nl
Arabic ar
Danish da
Japanese ja
Chinese (simplified) zh-CN
Chinese (traditional) zh-TW
Portuguese pt-BR
Russian ru
Norwegian no
Romanian ro

If the language enabled on your store is not listed above, our Vitals apps will use the Primary Language of your store. For more information, you may refer here: Vitals translations on the storefront

Are the Vitals apps only translate its own text strings? How about the product names/variants inside the apps?

They are also translated according to the detected language. Vitals is integrated with the Shopify Translation API and supports selling in multiple languages, so apps such as Product Bundles and Related Products can display translated products' names.

I have a concern with some of your text's translations on how they are written (ex. incorrect terms used, grammar improvement, etc).

The strings are professionally translated and proofread in all languages. However, we are always welcome to suggestions and improvements. Contact our Vitals support team for help. We always value feedback!

Do your Vitals apps automatically get translated according to the location of the visitor?

That depends on the language selector feature that your store is using, as our Vitals apps only change into a corresponding language according to the language that your language selector uses. You can check your Language Selector's support for assistance.

Do you have an app that can translate our whole store?

We currently don't have a feature like that at the moment. Currently, our apps are automatically translated according to the store's language.

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