Creating Volume Discounts offers

When it comes to increasing your store's conversions, there's nothing better than a good ol' quantity discount, incentivizing your visitors, so the more they buy, the more they save. This is a core up-sell feature that any store should take advantage of, regardless of the vertical or products on offer.

Getting Started ⚡

Being one of the flagship apps in the Vitals suite, the Volume Discounts app is a highly versatile and reliable tool for increasing your store's revenue.

Vitals discounts can be applied from both Volume Discounts and Product Bundles. If both apps are enabled simultaneously and applicable for the same products when added to the cart (conflicting rules), the higher total discount based on the final price from the two apps will be applied. Learn more.

How to set up Volume Discounts in your store

Along with Product Bundles, the Volume Discounts app is a powerful tool that can increase your revenue, incentivizing customers to add more products to the shopping cart, therefore increasing the average order size.

The most relevant description you can think of would be "Buy more, save more." The provided discount increases proportionally with the number of products a customer buys.

Volume Discounts Groups

The app was built to be structured into groups. If you want to create a Volume Discount group, click the Create Group button and set your preferences.

Firstly, it's best to choose the Selection method where you set up the way the discounts will be applied:

  • Selected products
  • Products from selected collections
  • Products from selected vendors
  • Products of the selected type
  • Any product

So you can either create discounts for "any product" which will apply to any product in your store or go with creating volume discounts only for specific products.

Then you can set up the  Section Title and the Discount Type to be fixed price or percentage.

Setting up the  Discount Tiers is one of the most vital parts, as you decide the discount you are willing to provide to push your customers to buy more.

Please keep in mind that setting up the discount tiers is  mandatory. If you don't set any discount tiers, the app will not be displayed.

For other settings, such as  enabling discounts for all products in the group or enabling the cart upsell suggestions; please check the related tutorials and FAQs below.

How to customize the appearance of Volume Discounts

In terms of appearance, you have different layouts to choose from, with either a badge format or a table one, as well as badge themes, color customizations, and more.

All of these can be changed from the settings of each group you have created and will allow you to have more control over each group's look and feel.

Furthermore, you can choose how the Volume Discounts widget will look on the product page by going to the Layout section of the main settings page.

From here, you can choose if you want to  show or hide the Volume Discounts widget from the product page and adjust the alignment of the badges, the header text size, the colors, and the margins for both desktop and mobile.

Additionally, you can decide which products to display the app using the Module Filters.

Translating the app

If your store's language is not English, you can choose to translate the Volume Discounts app by going into the app's General Settings page to find the Translations section.

Here you can find the translation fields for each word associated with the app, which you can replace individually.

The translation of both the Product Bundles and Volume Discounts apps is linked in our back-end, so for it to be displayed, you will need to set up the same translation in both Translations sections of both apps.

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