Volume Discount FAQs

How to exclude products from Volume Discounts.

You might not wish to have the Volume Discounts displayed on some products already part of bundles, like global bundles or collections bundles, where you have not hand-picked the products.

You can easily exclude any products you wish not to have the Volume Discounts apply to by using the Upsell Builder app's Excluded Products tab.

In the Upsell Builder app, click the Excluded Products tab, then the Select Products button under Volume Discounts. After choosing your products from the pop-up list, finish by using the Save button on the pop-up and then the last Save button at the top of the page.

Can I apply volume discounts to all products in a collection?

Yes, you can. There is a setting for this in every group you create.

All you need to do is enable Offer discount for all the products in the group. If you have set the Volume Discount's selection method to "Any product", then enabling this option will let the app consider any product that is added into the cart towards the volume count.

Why can I not see all the Volume Discount tiers or badges?

This can happen when there is not enough inventory for the product. So if you created a discount tier from 5 to 7 pieces, but the badge or the discount tier is not displayed, it may happen because the stock is below 5.

The tiers or badges are not displayed so that visitors looking to buy will not be confused, for example, 7 pieces of your product when only 4 are available in stock.

💡 Enabling the option 'Continue selling when out of stock' in your product's inventory settings in Shopify will override the condition above, making the Volume Discount app work on your product regardless of inventory levels.

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