Creating BOGO or Buy X Get Y offers

Buy-one-get-one, two-for-one, double-value are just a few nicknames of the famous Buy X Get Y discount type. BOGO has one of the longest histories, with roots tracing back over one century ago in the United States newspapers. It's so famous and effective that it was generally criticized for creating food waste and obesity on a national level.

Here's how to set up Buy X Get Y on your store

Buy X Get Y joined the elite of flagship apps of the Vitals suite, with a charming design and highly customizable appearance. Buy X Get Y is the third, but certainly not the last 🙃 app of its kind, inside the Upsell Builder module, opening up a wide range of possibilities to move inventory, make a profit, and satisfy customers.

Vitals discounts can be applied from any Upsell Builder apps, such as Buy X Get Y, Product Bundles, and Volume Discounts. If multiple offers target the same products when added to the cart, then the higher discount based on the actual price from all the offers will be applied. Learn more.

Take your time to select the products you want to promote by either:

  • using the standard BOGO approach to sell the same product in larger quantities
    • BOGO example #1: Buy Product A, and get another Product A for FREE
    • BOGO example #2: Buy Product A, and get another Product A with a discount
  • or use your best selling products coupled with slow-moving or high margin products
    • BOGO example #3: Buy Product A, and get Product B for FREE
    • BOGO example #4: Buy Product A, and get Product B with a discount

Make sure you adjust your prices and calculate your margin accordingly before activating the offers.

The creation of the offer is effortless:

  1. Reach the Buy X Get Y app from either the left menu, under the Boost Revenue, or from the Jump to app menu, or from Dashboard/See all apps
  2. Click the Create Offer button and select the Buy X Get Y app if you're being asked.
  3. Optionally, you can choose an internal name for your offer to make it easier to find it in the future.
  4. Select the trigger product(s) on the left side in the Customer buys section.

    1. Here, you have the option to make Any Product eligible as the trigger.
    2. You can also select Specific products, variants, or collections. You can choose multiple products, collections and even combine them. For example, you can select a single product + a specific collection as the trigger.
    3. Please note that, when you select a specific variant, the offer still applies to the rest of the variants of the same product. The variant selection is for presentation purposes. Your customers will see, in the storefront widget, the product image of the variant you selected

    1. After you finished with the selection, click Save.
    2. You can also choose the quantity requirements for the triggering offer at the bottom of the Customer buys section.
  5. Select the offer products(s) on the right side in the Customer gets section.
    1. The same selection rules & quantity requirements from the trigger products apply for the offer products.
  6. Choose the right discount type for your offer (percental or fixed amount)

    Beware of using a fixed discount price (like $10 off) if you also sell low-priced products. You might end up selling them for free.

    PRO TIP: Include the low-cost items in an exclusion list so that a volume discount will not be considered for them.

  7. Input the carefully calculated discount amount

  8. Here are other things you can do to make your BOGO the most beautiful offer on the market

    How to enable the Cart Upsell Suggestions.

    How to enable the Post-Purchase Upsell on the Thank You page.

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