Set Up The Countdown Timer App

Similar to scarcity, urgency has been proven to be a powerful tool for boosting e-commerce sales. For customers, it rapidly activates FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), which in turn can significantly increase a store’s conversion rate.

Here's an A/B test that shows how the conversion rate of a landing page that included a countdown timer was three times higher than the one of an identical page which didn't mention this information!

In Vitals, you'll find not one but two apps that use countdown timers to help you improve your store's conversion rate at various points along the checkout funnel - the Countdown Timer as well the Cart Reserved Timer.

Getting Started ⚡

Enable your app and choose the theme that fits your needs best. Then set the alignment, the message you want to display, and customize the colors to match your store's look & feel better.

As the Countdown Timer app displays a different randomly generated expiration date for each product, you can customize the minimum and maximum expiration deadline. When the countdown timer reaches 0, it will wait a few minutes before restarting (you can customize this setting, called cool off period).

The countdown timer will start running once a customer visits a product page. And it will be different for every visitor and product. Let's say you want to show a randomized expiration period for all your customers viewing your products between 20 and 40 minutes.

Here's what will happen, for example - visitor  A will land on product 1 and see that the offer expires in 23 minutes - in 1 hour, visitor B will land on product 2 and see that the offer expires in 39 minutes - immediately, visitor B will browse to product 1 and see that the offer expires in 31 minutes - at the exact moment, visitor C will land on product 1 and see that the offer expires in 22 minutes - after 3 more days, visitor A will land on product 3 and see that the offer expires in 37 minutes.

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