Setting up the Visitor Replays app

This app comes as a natural extension to some of our other apps that improve the store's overall experience and increase sales. You'll be able to watch actual recordings of your visitors on your store, see how they are interacting with your store, how long they are staying on one particular page, why they are hesitating to buy, and what you can improve upon your sales funnel.

The app doesn't record the session like a screen recording. Instead, it captures the original HTML shown to the visitor and any changes to the DOM plus user input like mouse movement, scroll, and touch events. These are combined into a single recording that can simulate the interaction a visitor had with your store. For this reason, some HTML elements may look incorrectly rendered, while on the live store, their look & feel is just ok 👌.

You can enable the app, and you'll start seeing recordings showing up in the app's dashboard - you'll even be able to see live visitors browsing your store.

Additionally, you can exclude yourself from the recordings - but we'll need to make sure that you - and only you - are viewing the page to record all other visitors. Please follow these instructions to view your store as the administrator so that both Shopify and we know it's you. 🙂

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