Visitor Replays FAQs

Why do duplicated page elements show up in the recordings?

The Visitors Replays app doesn't work as a screen recorder. It saves the whole structure of the page and then sends it to our servers, together with the mouse movement trail, click locations, and the text being typed.

Sometimes, you might see duplicated elements in the recordings, such as in the screenshot below. This usually happens when the original HTML structure of the page is corrupted but is still rebuilt in the player. This can't be replicated identically.

The good news is that your actual store doesn't look like this, and your visitors will never see it this way.

When will my credits be refilled?

All Vitals merchants get 5,000 pageviews recorded per month, all stored for 30 days. You can upgrade both the number of page views and the storage period by purchasing an addon.

When you run out of credits, the credits will be refilled on the day of your Vitals subscription anniversary. Say your Vitals free trial ends on August 1st, the first subscription cycle starts on the 1st and ends on August 31st. The second subscription cycle starts on August 31st also. This means you will have your Visitor Replays credits refilled on August 31st.

If you upgrade the number of page views or the storage, the subscription cycle of the app changes, and the refill date will change.

Finding your subscription cycle start time and end time can be done by accessing your invoices in the Shopify admin billing section.

Why are there fewer store visits in the Visitor Replays app compared to other sources?

The Visitor Replays has an active web bot/crawler checker and filter. Being a 3rd party app, Vitals doesn't directly detect store visits as bots/crawlers do. So what we can do with the limited access and functionality we are allowed by Shopify is to detect and analyze the activity of each visit and filter out activities that are most likely bot behaviors. For example, a page opening with no mouse or keyboard activity and leaving in under 10 seconds can result from a bot.

The filter/checker is put in place so that these bot/crawler visits do not eat up your monthly page views allocation. As such, the Visitor Replays app is still under beta launch, so it's still not yet 100% complete to where we'd want the app to be. The filter/checker is one aspect of the app that our Engineering team is still working on also.

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