Set Up The Facebook Messenger Chat App

Numerous studies (like those conducted by Forrester Research, J. D. Power, Roost) have concluded that people look for a live chat option when visiting an online store. Some of the findings are really interesting:

  • 42% of consumers prefer a live chat option to solve the issues and queries during shopping and
  • 63% of consumers say that they will return to an online store that offers live chat,

Even though many online services offer dedicated communication software, why not chat with your customers via their preferred channel?  Facebook Messenger is used by 1.6 billion users every month (that's right - billions!) and integrating its native chat plugin in your Shopify store is easy as a breeze.

Just connect your Facebook account, approve the permission, and select your store's page, the one that you want to connect to Messenger. That's it. We handle everything else in the background:

You can customize a greeting (for both visitors logged into Facebook and guest visitors) and whether the chat will start open or close. If the chat starts closed, the greeting will be displayed after the visitors click on the chat bubble to get in touch with you.

You should check the permission level of the account you're using to connect to our app, as you should be an admin of the page. If you log in with an account that does not have this type of access, Facebook will not allow you to integrate with our app.

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