Set Up The Accelerated Checkout App

If you sell high-value tickets and incrementally increasing your conversion rate seems more important than letting or helping your customers purchase more products, you can redirect your customers directly to checkout instead of the cart page.

As it's actually a lousy usability practice to redirect customers directly to checkout, this is the only feature in Vitals that we honestly don't recommend setting up. ✋🎤⬇️

However, we've always prioritized our development roadmap based on our customer requests. We developed this feature to accommodate merchants' requests and make sure they use a natively integrated feature with our Volume Discounts and Product Bundles apps.

Once you activate this app, every time a product is added to the cart, the visitor will be redirected to checkout. The app works even if the visitor adds the product from the standard Add to Cart button, from the Sticky Add to Cart, from the Product Bundles, Volume Discounts, Related Products, or Recently Viewed.

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