Set Up The Geolocation Redirect App

When it comes to selling to different countries, there are 2 ways to handle this in Shopify:

  • use multiple stores, each designed to address a different audience and localized accordingly in terms of language and currency;
  • use the same store and the recently-introduced feature Selling in multiple languages

Our Geolocation Redirect app was designed to help merchants redirect visitors from one store to another.

Don't block visitors from certain countries by redirecting them to or a different third-party website, as recommended by other merchants on the Shopify forum ( #1, #2). This goes against Google Ads' policy on cloaking and you risk having your account suspended. The recommended solution is exclude these countries from your shipping profiles.

Consider this example: a merchant has 2 stores, each addressed to a specific audience - US-based and France-based visitors. In the first store (the US one), the merchant would add a rule to redirect all visitors from France to the other store. In the second store (the France-based one), the merchant would add a rule to redirect all visitors from the US to the first store - just like below:

The merchant can choose to redirect the visitors either to an exact URL (like the homepage) or to the same URL they've visited (from to - keep in mind that for the latter option, you'll need to make sure both stores follow the same URL structure.

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