Appearing as logged-in to Shopify

There are a few Vitals apps that need to know when you are logged into your Shopify admin:

  • The Quick Access Links will only be displayed in this situation.
  • Visitor Replays will be able to not record your own sessions.
  • Content Protection will allow you to use shortcuts and copy content.

For us, it's essential to make sure that you - and only you, the store owner - are logged in. 

For this to work properly, you'll need to access your store from your Shopify admin link, which is placed in the sidebar, right near the "Online Store" section. Just like in this screenshot.

Shopify only sets the Admin session on the Storefront when clicking on this eye next to the Online Store menu. When clicking on this eye button, you should always see the Shopify branding at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, Shopify will not detect you as the store Admin, such as clicking on the eye button next to the Product Titles in the Product list.

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