Managing captured email addresses

All the email addresses that we collect are automatically sent to Shopify in your Customers list. To make it easy to identify them, they are all marked with the VITALS tag.

You can choose to send your captured emails to either Klaviyo or Mailchimp. However, please keep in mind that some of your captured emails might not show up there due to the email double-opt-in set up in Klaviyo or Shopify:

  • For Shopify, the double-opt-in is by default disabled, and you can enable it by following these instructions.
  • For Klaviyo, however, the double-opt-in is by default enabled and can be disabled by following these instructions
Only visitors who accept the opt-in email will appear in your Klaviyo or Shopify lists unless the double-opt-in is disabled and the email will be available right away.

To download the emails captured by the Vitals apps, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Customers page in the Shopify Admin and view email addresses tagged with VITALS.
  2. Tick the Select all checkbox.
  3. Click the Select all 50+ Customers in your Store link.
  4. Click the Export button above.
  5. Select 50+ customers matching your search.
  6. Click the Export Customers button.

Voila! Your collected emails have been sent to you in a CSV file over email.

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