Resetting Vitals on your browser

Most of our apps need to save various types of information in the visitors' browsers. To name a few:

  • Currency Converter - on their first access, their location is stored locally so that the geolocation information would not be requested on each subsequent page load;
  • Cookie Bar - once a visitor acknowledges you are using cookies to improve the experience and track the website usage, we're saving this to avoid showing the cookie bar again and again;
  • For Pop-ups and the Wheel of Fortune apps, we're remembering that a visitor already signed up to your newsletter, not showing them the same call to action again. The same goes for the Capture Leads bar. Also, when you've enabled multiple pop-ups, we're making sure they only show a few times per session to avoid annoying the visitors - this is another type of information we're saving locally. Same for Recent Sales Notifications.
  • If you've enabled the Recently Viewed app, we're keeping track of the products they've visited to display them as recommendations during their journey on your store.
  • When a visitor is submitting a review, we're submitting it to Vitals so that you can moderate it in the Product Reviews app. However, until you approve it, it will be visible only to the visitor that reviewed your store, so it appears to be automatically published.
  • When we display a counter on your store, be it through the Countdown Timer, the Cart Reserved, or the Countdown Smart Bar - we're saving the expiration timestamp. Even if you change settings in the app afterward, given that the expiration is already saved in the browser, it will not update your browser.

For these, we're using a type of Web Storage called localStorage, which is more secure than cookies (the information is never transferred to the server) and allows for larger amounts of data to be stored locally without affecting website performance.

To see a fresh version of your store, just like a new visitor does, you have 2 options.

  1. Open an incognito window or
  2. Clear the local storage on your current browser - while this might normally be a bit difficult for someone who's not tech-savvy, we've created an easy way for you. All you have to do to delete all your store's localStorage is to append this text: ?vitals_action=clear at the end of any URL of your store and press ENTER to access the page. Like this:

If that URL already contains a question mark, like in this example: - then append this text: &vitals_action=clear - the result will be:
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