Grouping Product Reviews

In the higher Vitals subscription plans, an extra feature within the Product Reviews app can be utilized for easier management of Product Reviews on your store.  With this premium Groups feature of the Product Reviews, it provides the following advantages: 

  • Allows your similar products to share the same reviews seamlessly.
  • If you plan on testing multiple product pages with different upsell campaigns (A/B testing), you can have their reviews shared without having to manually copy the reviews from one product to the other.

How to enable the Groups feature of the Product Reviews app.

To get started, you can go to the Groups tab inside the Product Reviews app from the Vitals dashboard: From here, you can start creating a new Product Group for your reviews by clicking on the Create New Group button: This will let you select the products where you would like the reviews to be shared. Any products selected will automatically appear under the Selected column. Once you're finished selecting your desired products, click on the Save button to create the Product group with the products.

And you're done! the reviews of all of these products are going to be collated, and the reviews will be shown on their respective product pages. Below is an example, when a Product Reviews Group is created for 2 Sweatshirt Products (One for Male and One for Female):

You can create as many Product groups as you like. You can also name each group for easier management:

How to control the product pages where the grouped reviews are shown

This feature also has the ability to disable the grouped reviews on selected products that are part of the Product group, therefore only showing its own native reviews (while the other product in the group will still show the grouped reviews).

This can be done by clicking the 3 dots above the product where you would like the grouped reviews to be disabled and then selecting Hide Group Reviews. This will show an indicator/icon below the product.

Once saved, these identified products will only show their native reviews, while the other products in the group will still show the grouped reviews:

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