Understanding The Vitals Operating Modes

With the Vitals operating modes, it enables you to have greater control over how you would like the Vitals app to run on your store.

You can access these operating modes through your Global Settings, under My Vitals:

Let's look at the two available operating modes:

1. Active

  • Vitals is active and visible for all customers. This is the default and standard operating mode.

2. Preview

  • All Vitals apps are active and visible only to you and your store admins. 
  • This mode is highly useful if you would like to test the Vitals apps first for yourself only and see how they look on your store, without the fear of having real visitors see them. 
  • To ensure that you are detected as an admin while in Preview mode, click on the “Eye” icon next to the Online Store link on your Shopify admin. For more information about this step, you can go to this reference: Appearing as logged-in to Shopify

💡 Once you switch to an operating mode other than Active, you will see the currently enabled mode as a dropdown near the Vitals app's language selector, so that you can switch back to Active with ease.

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