Understanding the Product Reviews Analytics Section

Once your store starts receiving reviews through our Product Reviews app, you are now going to see different figures about its utilization  for the last 30 days, through the Reviews Analytics section:

Here's some quick information about each metric:

  1. Review Requests Sent - If you have the Automated Reviews Requests feature enabled, this metric will show you how many emails were automatically sent to your customers that purchased from your store.
  2. Reviews Collected - This will show the total number of reviews that were collected through the different options of our Product Reviews app:
    • Reviews collected from customers who submitted a review via the automated review request email they received,
    • Reviews that are submitted via the Product Review App on the store's product page.
  3. Reviews Published -  This will show the total number of reviews that are published to the store for public view, for the last 30 days.
  4. Average Star Rating - This will show the average star rating of all the published reviews, rounded up. (for confirmation)

Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently is the Reviews Analytics section updated?

  • For the Review Requests Sent, this is updated every time a review request email is automatically sent to a customer.
  • The other 3 metrics (Reviews Collected, Reviews Published, and Average Star Rating) are updated once per hour.

I imported reviews from AliExpress, but they are not showing under Reviews Collected. Is there something wrong?

  • Reviews imported from AliExpress are not going to be identified as part of Reviews Collected, but any reviews imported from that source that have a publish date within the last 30 days will be included under Reviews Published.
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