Setting up the Pop-up on Add to Cart

The Pop-up on Add to Cart is a new placement for your Upsell Builder offers. Currently, you can activate it for Product Bundles and Buy X, Get Y offers. When enabled, this placement will be triggered when the theme's native Add to Cart button is clicked. When the placement is triggered, a pop-up will be displayed, with two functions: to Add to Cart action was successful and to promote another product, to complete the offer.

Key features

  • works with existing offers 
  • works with generic offers created with Any Product or Same Collection
  • customizable Pop-up title
  • customizable Pop-up Accept offer button
  • integrated with the Vitals Product Reviews app
  • integrated with the Vitals Currency Converter app
  • integrated with the Vitals Pre-Orders app


The activation of this feature literally requires just one click. 

If you already have an existing offer, or even if you're creating a new one, find the placement at the bottom of the form and switch it to "visible, just like in the gif image below.


Question Answer
How many products will be displayed in the Pop-up? Only one product will be promoted in the Pop-up on Add to Cart widget. It is more realistically to expect customers to add one additional product to complete an offer, instead of adding an entire suite of recommended products, when his intention is to only buy one. However, there are cases when more quantity of the same product is recommended.
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