Custom Subscriptions and Enterprise Plans

Vitals provides the opportunity to create custom subscriptions. They are created on demand, usually starting from Enterprise Plans inquiries. 

With a custom subscription, you can have additional consumables to the Business or Ultimate plans, depending on the need of your store.

The activation procedure is very simple:

  1. Vitals team sends an activation link
  2. When followed, the link will redirect to the Shopify Admin and request approval for the new subscription price

    For the link to work, please make sure you are logged in the Vitals app.
    To log in Vitals, go to the Shopify Admin > Apps > Click vitals and wait for the authentication to be completed (1-2 seconds).

  3. Once you Approve, the operation is complete.
    You can verify the terms have been updated accordingly in Shopify Admin > Settings > Billing ( direct link)

For any issues or further questions, please contact our 24/7 customer support team from the chat bubble.

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