Creating Gift Offers

Everybody loves the holidays season, so why not turn every day into a holiday? You can make your customers feel celebrated with every order they make.

But besides playing Santa every day, there are other reasons for creating Gift offers. Like the spending Goal offer, this also revolves around incentivizing your customers to go the extra mile and add one more product to the cart to reach the threshold for the shiny gift.

Apply the same strategy. First, obtain the Average Order Value, reported in the Shopify admin, under the Analytics menu in the Dashboards section. Set an aim for the spending goal and choose a suitable gift product. "Suitable" based on your strategy. Depending on your business, you can choose a product that increases brand awareness, such as a branded cap or mug. You could also choose products that don't perform well, and you simply want to deplete the inventory. Of course, you could also choose a gift that complements the order, like a hat for buying from the winter collection.

Let's sum up the use cases for the Gift offers:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase AOV (Average Order Value)
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Key features

  • custom spending goal target
  • custom product eligibility 
    • any product
    • specific product
    • specific collection
  • modern customizable appearance with smooth animation
  • high personalization with 5 text stages
  • granular page display preferences 

Vitals storefront Gift widget

Here's how to set up a gift-based offer

From the Upsell Builder app, click the Create Discount Offer button and choose the Gift option from the next screen. 

Then, you need to choose the Gift product before saving the first time to make sure you don't leave the offer with an empty gift slot.

Next, choose the spending goal and configure the widget appearance settings.

Note the appearance settings of the widget are applied to all the gifts created in your store. You cannot have separate appearance settings for multiple gifts.

When you create multiple gift offers, they will be rendered in the same widget, with a scroll bar helping vertical navigation.

Besides the self-explanatory visual options, there are the following options:

  • show on desktop
  • show on mobile
  • show widget on non-product pages when goal is at 0%

The first two options control the widget's display based on device type. The latter allows merchants to hide the widget until their customers have already advanced in the spending goal. This is a preference option.

For example, some merchants might prefer the cleaner look for their customers, while others may want to incentivize the purchase with the gift display.

For even more control over the pages where the widget is displayed, you have the following options to display on:

  • Homepage
  • Collection page
  • Product page
  • Cart page

The widget is not displayed on product pages of products that are not eligible for the Gift. For example, if the eligible products for the gift offer are from the Winter collection, the offer will not be displayed in the Summer collection. This is to avoid misleading the customers with a gift they cannot achieve buying the product they are looking at.

Text formatting and translations

The Gift offer has 5 different stages where the text is changed inside the widget. Be sure to customize the text to be as clear as possible in explaining the Customers how to earn the Gift (see the red callout below).

# Field name
When is displayed
1 When the goal is at 0% Shown when no eligible products are in the cart
2 When the goal target is between 1-99% When the eligible products from the cart account for 1-99% percent of the gift spend goal
3 When the goal target is at 100% When the customer becomes eligible to receive the gift
4 Reminder to claim the gift in the Cart page When the customer is in the Cart page and has unclaimed gifts 
5 Gift claimed message When the customer Claims the gift by pressing the button from the widget.

The Gift has an eligibility property. The Gift spend goal is increased only when eligible products are added to the cart.  When using custom eligibility products, remember to always mention what products are eligible for the Gift in the text formatting fields.

For example, say

Spend {{ goalAmount }} in Winter collection to receive this gift!

If you don't mention "in Winter collection," the customers will not know where to spend the money to receive the advertised gift.

The Gift app comes with a few new strings to translate from the General Settings tab of the Upsell Builder.

Free of charge This is the Gift note, found in the Cart page, after the customer claims the gift.
FREE Displayed in the Gift widget, next to the Gift's normal price.
Claim Gift The button from the widget that adds the Gift product in the cart.

Our gift app was not thought out for offering a $0 item as a gift. The app's purpose is to offer a Gift that actually has value, but is discounted to $0 when your gift upsell condition is true. We don't currently offer the possibility of removing a free gift product from the cart, since this can be easily abused by tech-savvy visitors who can simply re-add the $0-priced gift product to their cart with an Ajax call, so this is not the ideal implementation.One solution would be to set a price for your gift product or use an actual product with a real price.


  1. Q: Is the Gift provided automatically to the customers after they meet the criteria?

    A: No! The gift needs to be manually claimed by the customers. This is to prevent abnormal behaviors due to incompatibility with any themes. When a customer clicks the Claim Gift button, the product will be added to the cart with a note "Free of charge". The product price is then discounted from the cart total.

  2. Q: What happens if there are 2 gift offers, on different products eligibility (let's say one for Winter Collection and  one for Spring Collection) and the customer meets both Gifts' spending goals?

    A: The customer can claim both gifts separately, and the discount from the total will be accounted to both Gifts.

  3. Q: What happens if there are 2 gift offers from the same eligible products?

    A: The customer will be able to choose the Gift he wants to receive. Choosing another Gift than the one already claimed will remove the initial one from the cart.

  4. Q: Is the Gift amount spent influenced by other discounts?

    A: Yes! The other cart discounts are applied before the Gift is calculated. For example, with a Gift at $100, if the cart subtotal drops below $100, due to other discounts, the Gift will not be provided.

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