Applying Discounts for Draft Orders

Draft orders allow you to create orders on behalf of customers. It is a powerful feature that helps you to increase sales. The good news is that you can now apply your Upsell Builder discounts directly to your draft orders too!

Here's how you can create discounts for draft orders:

1. Make sure you have an existing Shopify draft order where you want to apply your Vitals discount to and that it contains the right products to avail of the Vitals discount. Click here to see how.

2. Make sure you have an existing discount offer related to the products in your draft order. In our example, it is a Volume Discount.

Discounts for draft orders currently work with Volume Discounts and Spend Goals that are created from specific products only (you cannot yet apply an Upsell discount that contains at least one product from "same collection" or "any product"). It also works with Buy X Get Y offers. Support for Product Bundles will be coming soon!

3. On the edit page of a draft order, click the More Actions dropdown button and select the Apply Vitals Discounts (Beta) option.

4. After getting the discount application confirmation page, refresh the draft orders Shopify admin page to see the applied discounts!

How are the discounts applied?

Similar to the regular checkout flow, all applicable discounts are taken into account, even more on the same line item if enough quantity exists to split it amongst multiple discounts. Unlike the checkout flow, though, this functionality applies the discounts equally to every line item, not to the whole order itself. Thus, it is much more clear which line items are getting which discounts. For offers affecting multiple line items, the discount value is split evenly between the affected line items. For each line item, all discount values are added up and then divided by the total quantity of products of the line item. This is so because of how Shopify requires us to send the discount thru their API to apply it. 

For example, we have a cart:

2 x Prod A at $17.99 per piece = $35.98

3 x Prod B - $15.99 per piece = $47.97

Total: $83.95

We have a Volume Discount for 2 x B that gives a total of $10 discount. And a Product Bundle for 1 x A + 1 x B that gives a $5 discount. Since the Volume Discount offers the best and higher discount amount among the two ($10 > $5).

The per piece discount for two of Prod B will be $10.00. That now leaves us with 1 Prod B and 2 Prod A in the cart pending for another discount offer. Since only 1 Prod B is left, we can no longer apply the Volume Discount anymore, so we move on to the next best discount - the Product Bundle. 

Since we still have 1 Prod B and 2 Prod A remaining in the cart, a Product Bundle of 1 Prod A + 1 Prod B is feasible. And so, the per piece discount for 1 Prod A and 1 Prod B will be $5.00 divided by 2 = $2.50 for each of Prod A and B. 

The only remaining product in the cart without a discount applied is 1 Prod A, and we no longer have any Vitals discount that applies to it. So, our discounted total would look like this.

2 x Prod A at $17.99 per piece = $35.98, minus $2.50 (from the Product Bundle applied to 1 Prod A) = $33.48

3 x Prod B at $15.99 per piece = $47.97, minus $12.5 ($10.00 from the Volume Discount + $2.5 from the Product Bundle applied to 1 Prod B) = $35.47

Total: $68.95 with a total discount amount of $15.00

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