Getting started with Vitals

Just installed Vitals and don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s a general overview and some tips to get you on the right path.

Take 20 minutes to read this article and familiarize yourself with Vitals. You won't regret it!

Step 1. Start with a quick recap

If you're like most merchants, you've been using various apps for the past few years. Then you might have decided to install Vitals after hearing that you'll pay significantly less compared to using multiple individual features. But there are more benefits under the hood, and it's best to know them right from the start:

  • You get an improvement of up to 4x in load time compared to using multiple individual apps.
  • All the apps are fully integrated with each other so that you won't get conflicts or overlaps. (this is way more important than you might think!)
  • Last but not least, no more talking to multiple app developers, with different response times. With Vitals you have a single point of support, available 24/7, via email and chat. 

Step 2. Find your way around Vitals

As with any new software, it might look overwhelming at first, but it’s actually pretty simple and user-friendly. We've used Polaris, the design system created by Shopify, to help you easily navigate all the apps and features.

At the top, you have quick links to all the apps within Vitals. You can also access them from the menu on the left-hand side. There, you have them all neatly categorized.

Pro tip: you can use the search bar at the top to quickly get to an app.

You'll see below other tidbits of information, like recommended apps, the number of Vitals apps that you've enabled, assisted sales, captured emails and reviews, and so on. Once you start enabling Vitals apps, you'll see more sections showing up on the dashboard - and we wish you a dashboard to look like this. 🥳

Step 3. Check the tutorials and talk to our support team

As you’ve probably seen by now, we have a comprehensive Help Center. On top of this, you'll find an exceptional collection of video tutorials on YouTube.

As for talking to our support team, this is a must, even if it's just to say 'Hi!' 😀95% of the reviews we receive mention our support team, and there are 2,000+ of them with a crystal-clear 5.0 rating. 

Whenever you need us, we're here for you. Just click the floating bubble on the bottom left ↘️and reach out to us via chat or email. We're available 24/7, and we answer most requests within minutes. If you haven't heard from us in a few hours, check your Spam folder.

Step 4. Learn the first tricks

Most Vitals apps are fully customizable in terms of look and placement. The Vitals Editor is straightforward and super easy to use. 

Need to translate Vitals? You can translate almost all the apps - here's how

Want to display some apps on specific products only? You can do that.

Want more fine-tuning? You can use CSS and Javascript to refine Vitals further but, if you're not an experienced developer, ask us for help. If you want to custom place an app or adjust the styling, reach out to our support team. We can make that happen! 

Step 5. Enable your favorite apps

With 40+ apps, you could get lost trying to make heads or tails of Vitals. Here are our recommendations for a complete beginner. The following apps are essential to any store and a great starting off point, especially that they'll help you familiarize yourself with Vitals:

Convert more with the Sticky Add to Cart app

The app allows you to place a Sticky Add to Cart Bar on your store, making it easy for visitors to add their desired products to their carts, even as they're scrolling down. The Sticky Add to Cart Button can mimic the look & feel of your default Add to Cart Button so that it blends seamlessly with the design of your store. Plus - it's integrated with our Product Reviews app, of course.

Capture leads with the Wheel of Fortune app!

Create an engaging shopping experience for your visitors by offering them the chance to play a fun and interactive game. The pay-off? You get to build your email list and re-target those customers. The emails that we collect are sent automatically to Shopify, in your customers' list, and they are all tagged with VITALS. You can also connect third-party services, such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo, to have your emails automatically sent there as well. With just a click, you should be able to connect either of these 2 services. 

Build trust with the Product Reviews app!

Whether you are a popular brand or just started, product reviews play a crucial role in your eCommerce business. Product Reviews is one of the more complex apps in Vitals. To fully understand it, read these articles from our Help Center, or watch the video tutorials. Already using a reviews app? Chances are you can export the reviews from there and import them into

Reduce abandonment with the Cart Reserved Timer app!

The Cart Reserved app in Vitals displays a countdown timer in the cart, together with a clear message - buy now or risk losing your desired products. Your visitors’ fear of missing out could lead to a higher conversion rate for your online store. Employ FOMO!

Boost Revenue with the Upsell Builder app!

The Upsell Builder comprises 4 apps: Product Bundles, Volume Discounts, Buy X Get Y, and Goal, but more will come soon. I encourage you to head over to our Help Center, read the articles for a more in-depth explanation, or watch the tutorials. Check out the best practices when creating Product Bundles.

Now that you know which apps to start with, all you have to do to activate them is flip a switch! Force refresh the store every time you make a change to see it live on your store.

If you’re worried that by using Vitals, and its 40+ apps, you will slow down your store, don’t be. First of all, the information is sent to the store in a single request. That reduces load time compared to multiple individual apps. Secondly, only those apps that you have active are sent in that request, not all 40+.

Step 6. Decide the future of Vitals!

If you’re like us and look to the future, our roadmap is publicly available. Go ahead and take a look. We’re permanently developing new apps, and you can actually have a say in this. Just visit this section, upvote the features you're most interested in and submit your ideas.

Thank you for being with us -- and happy selling!

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