How to test if Vitals causes a bug on your store

You might need to check if a specific app is causing a specific issue in your store. Given how incredibly complex Vitals is, merchants sometimes feel that everything that's not working is due to Vitals. 😀

And we're happy to help them investigate this issue - and for this reason, we've prepared this short guide for you:

  1. Open the store in Google Chrome.
  2. Open Chrome Developers Tools - you can do this in several ways:
    1. right-click anywhere on the page and select Inspect
    2. from the browser's menu  » More Tools » Developer Tools
    3. using a shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows) or Command + Option + I (Mac)
  3. Select the Network tab and type bundle in the Filter box (to the left of this page section).
  4. Refresh the page.
  5. You'll see a file loading bundle.js? - right-click on it and select Block request domain.
  6. If you refresh the page again, you'll see your store loading without Vitals. This is how you can assert whether an issue in your store is caused or not by Vitals.

That's all. Here's a quick video overview of the above:

After you've concluded your test, don't forget to right-click on the same file  bundle.js? (it should now be displayed in red as it's blocked) - and select Unblock

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