Creating Product Bundles offers

Increasing your store's conversions is not always easy, but there are definitely ways you can achieve that. By displaying Product Bundles on your store, you highlight popular product sets to your visitors and allow them to purchase them together quickly. You are also exposing them to more products that might have otherwise gone unnoticed and thus help in increasing your average order size! Help your customers purchase products that are best bought together, and create unique offers to catch their attention!

Getting Started ⚡

Being one of the flagship apps of the Vitals suite, the Product Bundles app is a highly versatile and reliable tool for increasing your store's revenue. Therefore correctly setting up and leveraging all the benefits the app can bring is a must.

Vitals discounts can be applied from both Product Bundles and Volume Discounts. If both apps are enabled simultaneously and apply for the same products when added to the cart, then the higher discount based on the price from the two apps will be used. Learn more.

Here's how to set up Product Bundles in your store

The first step is to create a bundle, which you can do by clicking the Create bundle button.

From here, you can choose from different selection methods:

  • Specific products

    This is the most specific bundle you can create, as you are handpicking which products will be part of the bundle. You can even go further and specifically choose which variant you want to be added.

  • All products

    This is also called a global bundle, where any products can be shown in the bundle at random.

  • Same collection

    This bundle will only display products that are part of the same collection. However, it will not be collection A + collection B.

Next, all you need to do is decide how many products you wish your bundle to have (minimum of 2 products but can include up to 5 per bundle).

Lastly, you will need to choose the discount for the bundle, where you can either have a percentage or a fixed discount, based on the current product prices or the initial product prices.

Please keep in mind that the discounts based on the initial price are only a way to show customers a bigger discount. However, the discount itself is applied to the current price of the product.

For example, a product with the current price of $100 and an initial price of ~~$200~~ with a 10% discount will only have a $10 discount but will show as $110.

In other words, the real discount and the price difference are added up, where $10 is 10% of the $100 current price added up with the difference of $100 between the initial and current price, resulting in a total discount shown to the customer of $110.

For further settings, such as enabling the cart upsell suggestions of the Product Bundles app, please check the related tutorials below:

How to customize the appearance of the Product Bundles

In terms of customizing the bundles, then you have a few options to choose from, as follows:

  • bundle title
  • number of product inside the bundle
  • button text
  • cart page text

Additionally, you can decide which products to display the app using the Module Filters section.

Translating the app

If your store's language is not English, then you can choose to translate the Product Bundles app by simply scrolling to the bottom of the settings page, where you will find the Translations section.

Here you can find the translation fields for each word associated with the app, which you can replace individually.

The translation of both the Product Bundles and Volume Discounts apps is linked in our back-end, so for it to be displayed, you will need to set up the same translation in both Translations sections of both apps.

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