Product Bundles FAQs

Can I display all the bundles on a single page?

The bundles are currently only displayed on the product pages and the cart page as an upsell suggestion. We don't currently provide an option to display all bundles on a single page, but it's on our roadmap.

Is there a limit for adding products to the exclusion list?

There is a technical limitation indeed. You can add about 400 products. It should be more than enough for most stores, especially that it may be better to create bundles based on specific products rather than set the product selection method to all products and clutter your exclusion list.

Why do I see different products in collection bundles?

You can see different products that shouldn't be part of the same collection associated with a bundle if you recently updated your collections. This might happen because the products aren't synced. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn't send us a notification every time a product is added to a new collection, so we will have to look for new collections once a day.

Also, consider that products might have multiple associated collections (ex. general ones like Holidays), and they might be considered for a bundle. Check if this might be the case, and make sure you do not make general bundles with such products if you do not want them to appear together.

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