Displaying the Spin the Wheel pop-up

💡 Please note that if your store collects cookies after visitors provide their consent, the Spin the Wheel app may behave differently. For more information, you may refer here: Consent requirements for various apps

You can configure the trigger conditions for the Spin the Wheel from the Global Settings section.

There are 3 options to choose from:

  • based on exit intent - we use an advanced algorithm that triggers the app when the visitors intend to leave, based on their behavior in the store. On a desktop, this happens when the mouse cursor is moved fast toward the upper part of the window, outside the page viewport. In contrast, this happens if the visitor scrolls up on mobile, which leads to the toolbar showing up.
  • after several seconds - you can choose to trigger the app after an exact number of seconds
  • on scroll up - this setting will trigger the app when the user scrolls up the page

You can also let the visitor choose for himself if he wants to trigger the app or not by checking the Enable Manual Trigger setting.

Furthermore, you can choose on which devices the Spin the Wheel to be shown. It can either be just desktop, just mobile, or both.

Testing or troubleshooting:

If you wish to test the Spin the Wheel while you're setting it up, please check in a new Incognito page. All incognito pages need to be closed first, and a new one has to be opened to re-trigger the Wheel (so that no cookies are saved in the browser).

You can find a quick tutorial on how to open Incognito mode below:

How to use Incognito mode

Alternatively, you can choose to delete any VITALS-related cookies from your browser to dynamically test the Spin the Wheel app without using Incognito mode by following the tutorial below:

Resetting Vitals on your browser

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