Setting up the Spin the Wheel app

Offering visitors incentives such as discounts is a great tool to increase your conversion rate. In doing so, you're also collecting your visitors' email addresses, which you can later use for email newsletters to have them revisit your store. The Spin the Wheel is a fun, interactive way to engage your visitors and offer them an incentive to make their first purchase!

The first thing you should be doing is setting up the Wheel Slices by planning what discounts you wish to offer to your customers and choosing which slices are winning and which are losing.

The Wheel picks up only winning slices as winners! The slices you have set up as losing are only there for the visual effect (like a 50% discount) and will never be won.

The next step is to create the discount codes accordingly in Shopify. Unlike our Volume Discounts or Product Bundles apps, where the discount codes are generated automatically, you will need to make the discount codes yourself for the Spin the Wheel. You can find a detailed guide from Shopify on how you can create discount codes here.

Once you have created the discount codes, all you need to do is add them to the corresponding slices, and you're done.

Additionally, you can decide which products to display the pop-up using the Module Filters section for this app.

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