Set Up The Payment Logos App

Gaining your visitors' trust is not always easy, but reassuring them that they can safely purchase their desired products from your store using their preferred payment method, is highly important. This is why Payment Logos are a must for any online business in this day and age!

While the app is very intuitive, it is also highly customizable, so we have a quick step-by-step guide for you to customize the logos. With only a few clicks, you can fully customize the Payment Logos to best fit your theme and your store's appearance by following these easy steps:

1. You'll start by selecting a layout. You will have 2 different layouts to choose from - either a solid color layout or a full-color one.

2. Then, you can select which logos you want to display. It is best to have up to four logos, so there's enough room to fit.

3. At the end, you can fine-tune how you want the logos to look. You can choose the alignment, color, message, margins, and even reorder the logos.

4. Once you're done, save the changes by using the Save button in the top bar.

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