Finetuning the Product Reviews settings

Our Product Reviews app's default settings already allows you to display reviews with minimal changes. However, if you're looking for additional customizations, you can go to the Settings tab of the app.

Below are some of the additional settings you can change:

General Settings

1. Sort Order is where you can choose how your reviews are sorted (Reviews with Photos first or most recent reviews first).

2.Star Rating Shape - we have three shapes that you can choose from, depending on your theme (default stars, stars with sharp edges, or hearts)

3. Show the Product Reviews Header - If you would like to show a short summary of the number of 5-star, 4-star and n-star reviews at the top of the app, you can enable this option. Below is an example of how it looks.

4. Show reviews box for products with zero reviews is what you can toggle to either show/hide the reviews box when the product has 0 reviews.

5.Number of reviews before showing more is where you can choose how many reviews are initially displayed before the See more reviews button is clicked. (different values can be set between Desktop and Mobile).

6. Maximum Number of reviews on product page is where you can choose how many reviews are displayed after the See more reviews button is clicked consecutively. (different values can be set between Desktop and Mobile).

💡 When the See More Reviews button is clicked, it will not show all of the reviews set as maximum right away. It will show the next set of reviews in intervals (15 reviews for Desktop, 6 for mobile), and a See More Reviews button will be present again. Continuously clicking this button will eventually display the reviews according to the specified maximum.

7. Auto-publish New Reviews is where you can choose if reviews from your customers are published automatically depending on the rating. For instance, if this is set this to 4-stars and up, reviews that are submitted with 4-star and 5-star ratings will automatically be seen publicly on the store, while 3-star reviews and below will still be added, but will only be seen inside your Product Reviews app's settings for your confirmation (and will not be displayed publicly until you moderate them).

8. Get notified when customers submit reviews can be enabled to receive automated emails when customers leave a review on your store.

Review Card Settings

1. Rating Star color is where you can set the color of the stars in the Review Rating Star Snippet.

2. Show Review dates & Source can be configured whether you want to show/hide the review dates and if you want them to be recent dates or real ones.

3. Show Full Names can be toggled to either show/hide the full names of people who left reviews, or if you would like them to be obfuscated for privacy reasons.(ex. John Doe can become J**n, John D, or J.D.).

4. Review Card Colors is where you can choose the background color of the "leave a review" form, the review card, as well as the shadow.

5. Allow customers to upload photos can be enabled to allow customers to upload photos.

6. Show "Verified purchase" allows your reviews to show the verified badge for the reviews that verified buyers make.

Banned Keywords

In this section, you can add banned keywords that you do not want to show up in your reviews.

This filter will apply for both user-submitted reviews as well as reviews imported from AliExpress.

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