Sending review request emails

Once logged in to your Vitals Dashboard, you can navigate to the Automated Request Reviews section in your Product Reviews app.

Enabling this feature is done with only one click. However, before doing that, it is best to set everything up, so here are a few steps you need to take:

1. Email timing is the amount of time to wait after which the email will be sent, depending on the order status—for example, 7 days after fulfillment.

When the email timing setting is changed, it doesn't retroactively affect requests that are already due to be sent out. The request reviews that are already scheduled to be sent based on the old timing (let's say the default 7-day) setting will not be automatically adjusted. Of course, any new eligible orders that result from the new timing calculation will be added to the request review emails to be sent out.

2. Order status is where you choose when to send the email with the timing above. It can be either after the order is fulfilled or after the order was placed.

3. GDPR compliance is where you choose to send emails only to customers who have accepted to receive marketing emails. If left unchecked, all customers will receive the emails.

4. Customizing the template is where you customize how the email will look and its contents.

You will be able to add the following:

  • Email logo (link to the logo image)
  • Email title (subject)
  • Email greeting (hello, name)
  • Email text (body of the email)
  • Email ending (signature)

5. Preview email lets you send the email to yourself to see precisely what the customer will see and decide if it needs any additional fine-tuning.

6. Enable Send Automatic Review Requests is the last step after you're done setting up everything. Enabling is done by checking the box at the very top of the settings page. You'll be able to see how many emails you've sent each month.

Please keep in mind that the oldest order that would be taken into account can be computed like this: The moment the module was activated minus 30 days.

The limit is added, so you don't send emails to customers that purchased a product a long time ago, but for whom we've only recently received a fulfillment notification from Shopify. Emails will not be sent to customers whose last purchase was more than 30 days ago.

Here's another example. If you set the email timing to 14 days after purchase, customers who bought a product 10 days before the feature was enabled will receive the email in 4 days.

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