Displaying featured reviews on a dedicated page

We've already shown you how to display Product Reviews on the homepage, but you should know that the same featured reviews can also be displayed on a dedicated page like this:

Please follow this guide to mark reviews as featured:

1. Go to the Products section of the app.

2. Select any of your products that have reviews from the list.

3. Click the Edit button for each review. You can also select multiple reviews, up to 100, at a time and feature them in bulk from the list.

4. Check the Featured box, then save the change using the Save button.

5. Once you're done selecting your best reviews, you can now enable the Happy Customers page in the Product Reviews app's Settings section.

Once you've created the page, you can find it here: https://[domain]/a/page/top-reviews, like on our demo store: https://shop.vitals.co/a/page/top-reviews.

Make sure you add the link using HTTPS, not HTTP.

The next step is to add it to your menu. Here's a tutorial from Shopify detailing this:

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