Displaying featured reviews on the homepage

With the Product Reviews app, you will be able to display a Featured Reviews section on your homepage containing the best reviews across your store by following these easy steps:

1. Go to the Products section of the app.

2. Select any of your products that have reviews from the list.

3. Tick the left box for each review that you want to feature. You can select up to 100 reviews at a time.

4. Click and open the More Actions dropdown menu at the top of the reviews, then select Mark Featured, then click the OK button in the succeeding pop-up. Select Mark Unfeatured if you want to remove selected reviews from being Featured.

5. Once you're done selecting your best reviews, you can now display the Featured Reviews section on your homepage by following the tutorial here: How to change an app's placement.

The Featured Reviews section for the homepage is  hidden by default. You will need to follow the tutorial above and adjust the placement on your homepage!

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