Importing product reviews from a third-party app

Depending on the product reviews app you are using, you should be able to export your reviews to a CSV file and upload it directly to Vitals, with just a couple of clicks.

We want to make your transition from other popular product reviews app as easy as possible for the following apps:

  • Growave
  • JudgeMe
  • Loox
  • Ryviu
  • Shopify Product Reviews
  • Yotpo

Once you export the reviews from the app you are currently using, make sure not to make any changes to the file (as it can corrupt the data) and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Import section and choose the app you're importing from. You will have instructions on how to export the reviews for each app if you haven't already.
  2. Choose the file from your computer, then click the Upload button.

And you're done! You can now go to your Products section and see the imported reviews.

Depending on the number of reviews you're importing, it can take up to a few minutes to complete, so please be patient and refresh the page after a few minutes to see the imported reviews.

If your app is not supported directly, you can always follow the tutorial below to populate a CSV file template with your reviews and upload it to Vitals.

Product reviews that have the following conditions will not be imported:

  • unpublished reviews
  • have corrupted data
  • unmatched product handles

If you encounter any issues when uploading the CSV file, please reach out to us. We will check it for any signs of corruption and try to re-upload it on your behalf.

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