Installing Vitals on development stores

Development stores are free Shopify accounts created by Shopify Partners (companies that build stores for clients, develop apps or themes, or refer merchants to Shopify) that come with several limitations, including:

  • installation of paid apps (except for a selection of partner-friendly apps),
  • password page removal and
  • order processing through an active payment provider, for example, completing a purchase through the online store (you can, however, process an unlimited number of test orders - we recommend using Shopify's Bogus Gateway)
Before developers can install and use Vitals in their development stores, they must contact us and provide the entity (agency) name and one or more agency-owned domains used to set up demo stores. It is mandatory to have a Shopify account with an email address belonging to one of the whitelisted domain names (as owner or staff/collaborators).
Please note that we can't whitelist general use domains like,,, etc.
We will whitelist these domains in our system, and after that, they will be able to use Vitals up to the point of:

a) transferring the store's ownership to a client or

b) purchasing a paid Shopify plan for that shop.

How is the Vitals subscription activated after the transfer of ownership?

After the ownership is transferred, the developer's Vitals subscription will only have a 7-day grace period before it expires. The new store owner (i.e., the merchant) can activate the subscription before the 7-day expiry through the Vitals admin page:

However, if the 7-day grace period has ended, the merchant is redirected to Shopify to activate a new subscription when accessing the Vitals Admin.

The activation will subscribe merchants to a new subscription that includes a 30-day trial.

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