Uninstalling Vitals

Before saying goodbye...

Most of the times, shop owners delete an app for one of the following reasons:

  • they're having trouble setting it up 💻
  • they have a question to which they can't find the answer to 🤔
  • their free trial period is almost ending 📅
  • they don't know where to reach for support 🧭

That is why our customer support team is available 24/7 via email and live chat. Don't hesitate to write to us about anything that's on your mind, and we'll come back with an answer asap.

If you have decided to say goodbye...

We are sorry that Vitals wasn't the perfect fit for your store. To uninstall Vitals and cancel the subscription, you need to access the Apps section of your Shopify admin and delete the app.

Just like with all Shopify apps, if you see ours still live on your store after refreshing a couple of times, it's because Shopify is using browser caching, and their page still contains our script. Just perform a hard refresh - CTRL + SHIFT + R or CMD + SHIFT + R (on Mac) and the cache is cleared. Even if you don't do this, the cache will be cleared within 1 minute.

By the way, when you install Vitals, we're adding a single line of code to your theme file. After uninstalling our app, that snippet will not harm your store in any way. It will not load on the store (you won't even see it in the page's source).

However, if you want to remove it, you can follow these 2 steps to get rid of it in a single minute:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, go to Online Store Themes. Click Actions > Edit code.
  2. Select your theme.liquid file, then press CTRL + F (CMD + F on Mac) to search for appsolve.io. Remove that line of code, then press Save.

When you decide to come back...

You will find that:

  • All your previous settings will have remained unchanged. You can start right where you left. 💡 Your settings will be kept forever in our servers.
  • Your subscription price remains the same. 💸
  • You'll find brand-new features & functionalities that weren't there before. Check out ⇒ https://vitals.co/product-roadmap 🆕
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