Creating a speed test report

There are plenty of tools that generate reports showing the loading time of the store. One widely used tool is GTmetrix, where you can paste your store's URL and get a detailed report.

In the Waterfall section, you can check every script that is running on your store and see its loading time. Our main script is called bundle.js and runs from the domain. You can compare our script's load time vs. other Shopify apps installed on your store.

If Shopify's Multi-Currency feature is enabled on your store and you are using the Vitals Currency Converter, the GTmetrix test server will need to be changed to match your store's local currency for the speed test to show correct results. You can only do this by registering a free account on GTmetrix.

For example, if your store's default currency is GBP, you should adjust the test server to London, UK. Otherwise, when GTmetrix is doing the test on a foreign server (the default is based in Canada), the Currency Converter will redirect the page to the server's currency, just like how a visitor would be redirected to his local currency. This will show timed-out post requests under the Waterfall section of the GTmetrix report, therefore bloating the total loading time considerably and not showing the real results.

Please keep in mind that GTmetrix tests done on a foreign server, when both Shopify's Multi-currency and the Vitals Currency Converter app are enabled, can show a total loading speed of, for example, 15 seconds. The real, correct result is closer to 6-7 seconds when the test is done on the correct server to match the store's default currency.
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