Set Up The Shipping Information App

For any online business, especially for Shopify stores that ship orders worldwide, your visitors must know exactly what to expect in terms of shipping costs and times for their country. This will help boost trust and reassure customers they can safely order from your store!

Here's how to set up Shipping Information on your store.

Enable the app and set up the text you want to display based on the variables you need to use for your shipping method. Customize the default template and use the tags you need to display the information.

Next, you will need to add your shipping rules from Shopify by following the tutorial below:

How to create Shipping Rules in Shopify

💡 When creating shipping rules in Shopify, ensure that the currency used is the same default currency on your store. Our Shipping Information app uses the default currency on your store as the base currency when it shows the price to the visitor's currency.

Understanding the Shipping Information Rules

Shipping rules that do not have the shipping time estimate (minimum and maximum) will not be displayed in the store!

Finally, you can customize the appearance of the Shipping Information widget.

The app can display both a free shipping rule and a paid shipping rule under normal circumstances. More rules can be displayed for both free and paid, depending on the rules you have created. If you have multiple paid shipping rules, the rule that corresponds to the value amount of products already added to the cart will show.

Additionally, you can decide which products to display the app using the Module Filters section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I'm seeing a "Profile has Missing Info!" error. What does this mean?

This means that there are no minimum and maximum days entered within the detected Shipping Profile.

To fix this, click on the shipping profile that has this error and fill out the Minimum and Maximum estimate:

I activated the Shipping Information app and added the proper estimates, but I'm still not seeing the app on the product page.

The Shipping Information app only appears on the locations defined in your Shipping Profiles. If the location you're currently in is not part of the Shipping profiles, the Shipping Information app will not appear on your end natively.

If you would like to view what the Shipping Information app looks like and you're in a location that is not part of the detected Shipping profiles, you may use a VPN service and change your location to a valid one.

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